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The Stubborn AC

The 110 degree weather in SoCal really fries my brain!! To add, have you ever struggled with an AC which refuses to work?

This reminds me of a stream of consciousness excerpt I wrote at an LA Songwriters Collective event about a stubborn Air Conditioning (The exercise required us to descriptively write about an object in the room)

Stay cool everyone !!

The Stubborn AC

Closed Vents. Nope, it doesn’t want to give away air today. Either the AC is being selfish or it’s just too cold a day for it to be on.

Sadly, it’s hot.

The AC keeps itself snuck aloof in a corner, where no one can see it except for those who’s eyes wander.

Only a remote can force its first gust of stale wind, to keep us cool on a day when the world outside keeps us on the edge.

When will we feel the AC’s generosity against the backs of our necks? It just teases in hope of calming and soothing us with its shivering whispers.

But the AC has chosen to remain silent today.

© 2018 Rohini Chandra,

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