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"Lost Dream" - a Hip & New LoFi Jazz Single - will release on 2/1/2022!

Our latest LoFi Jazz single, “Lost Dream,” will release on February 1st! The song is about bringing those high school dreams back and the days when we used to play vinyl records… Pre-save and be the first to hear the single by visiting the links below!!

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Composed & Produced by Akira Komatsu -

© This song is protected by Songuard.

Okay, so let’s talk about singing riffs!! …Here’s another EXCITING snippet from our LoFi jazz single, "Lost Dream."

Let me introduce you to Akira Komatsu, Japanese-born jazz guitarist and producer. He is a traveler at heart with an ear for ambient and emotive sound. Most importantly, his hope is “to make new and unpredictable things happen [through music] that bring joy to audiences worldwide.” I am lucky as an artist who got to collaborate with this maestro on our latest single, “Lost Dream.”

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