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The Hunt for the Black Cat!

Watch out for this really fun film project I made in my family's neighborhood...COMING this Halloween… and YES, the kiddos made me do it !!!!!

It's all about Black Cats and facing your fears!


The saying goes, “Face your fears!” but a tutor named Rohini does exactly the opposite! While she is supposed to teach and review with her student named Aubrey, Rohini is distracted by her whimsical ideas to resolve an “important issue” in her neighborhood in the desert. Trouble & mischievousness brew as Rohini tries to employ the help of her community. And while her tutoring sessions aren’t the most productive, Aubrey wonders how far her tutor’s fear or belief in a superstition will go. Or will Aubrey applaud Rohini for not giving up? Will Rohini reveal her true feelings at the end? IS there an ending? Watch and Enjoy this unfinished story in the desert...

Cast: Aubrey, Rohini, Jonah, Maddox, Sonali, Susan, Araceli, & The Black Cats

Written, Directed, Produced by Rohini Chandra

Special Thanks to Sam and Tasha

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