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Let's Be Dramatic...

Incredible how light alone exposes our emotions!

It is both the director and photographer's best friend in storytelling. For example, audience members naturally feel the suspense in a story when key information hides in low or dim lighting. Directed from a certain angle, light even creates that chiaroscuro or truly cinematic effect, which is responsible for giving us the goosebumps in movie theaters.

Light can be controlled from its source to create overall depth, motivation, and definition in a photograph or scene. The amount of light makes the greatest difference in establishing the ambience and tone through depth of field, diffusion, spotlight, or overall low light from several angles.

Light also reveals the hidden or inner thoughts of the actor. In fact, light should be every performer’s best tool. An audience understands an actor's experience only when “light decides to shed light” on it. Light shapes the shadows, edges, the crinkles in our skin, all of which speaks the performer's backstory, age, and state of mind, signals their next action.

And can you imagine? All of this can be achieved with just an LED light and stand at home. My experimentation with lighting started with a construction light from Home Depot. It increased the temperature of the room by giving off heat, but it created the wanted effect. In fact, I suggest one angle their table lamp and take a selfie to see the effect!

I now confirm that light is my best friend too. We can't see nor create a piece of art without it.

Here's more credit to lighting!

My experiment with profile lighting below: #backtobasics #ministudio #appreciation #

© 2018 Rohini Chandra,

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