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Here We Stay in ... LA

It is either the coastal breeze at Marine Drive in Mumbai or the vast view from the One World Observatory in New York City. Some place or landmark will make people feel at home in their respective cities.

In Los Angeles, it is the Hollywood Sign... yup, the letters, which is the a beacon nestled on a high hill for people with dreams of glamor.

There's so much more to this sign that garners everyone's attention from the city below. When we're closer, the deep green valley, the proximity to the letters, and the pop history of the trail certainly motivate us to make the climb.

And can you imagine it was just a once- very expensive billboard with 4,000 lighbulbs. It still has high security so I guess there goes my chance to sit on the letter "O..."

Cheers to Hollywood, baby :)

© 2018 Rohini Chandra,

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