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Hear the Shofars Resound!!!

I was wandering in the desert over a weekend and heard the Tittnich Family’s blowing of the shofars over a big pit. I asked them questions (lol) while connecting with their purpose and sound. We created this short doc in dedication to spreading their message in case anyone needs a source of faith and guidance during this time. You know the Tittnichs are here to help and teach. Hear their shofars and watch for the stunning visuals too!

The film covers the following:

  • The Tittnich family is celebrating Yom Kippur and talks about creating the “perfect love.”

  • The Tittnich family pray together and then start to blow the glorious Shofars while remembering some dear memories.

  • Michael Tittnich tells us more about how the shofar's frequency cuts through the noise and can heal us all.

  • Michael & Marcy Tittnich share a POWERFUL MESSAGE about how forgiving, being a light in the darkness, respecting our neighbor, and maintaining inner peace are part of the GREATER AWAKENING. First, we have to stop fighting with each other though.

Directed & Produced by

Shot by

Jr. & Rohini

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