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Care For Yourself!

A fellow woman shared at a recent event that one of her main priorities is self-care. Caring for oneself is one of the most over-looked needs.

This week, I made it a point to share some time with nature and some thoughts I wrote during my short journey on this blog!

@bramblitt bask in nature

Morning sunshine

sweet moment

“Have you ever seen a blue jay?

Silver, shiny feathers, and a mini mohawk?

So keen and attractive to the eyes.

So then, why do they fly away and hide?


Isn’t it funny how cedars stand so tall?

We either look up or slash them to fall.

So we can look ahead for the view.

Their bark peels, shedding layers new.

As they grow through a long history.

Or does it let the outside attack freely?

Just as the woodpecker honks its beak

Have we ever let a tree for itself speak?

As it grows taller to reach for the sky,

While its aim never remains too high.


The squirrel who cowers at the site of a human.

Grows trust in humans over time.

Just as the bear who wonders at whizzing cars on a highway.

There's no cross walk for the wild to cross

As the bear waits for a trout meal.

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