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The Poet of Romance...

Mercurial...stormy...serene... liberated...soulful..

All of these words describe Rabindranath Tagore's feelings when he thinks about true love...

This is nothing close to triple liking her picture on instagram or swiping a profile on the latest dating app...Love was different then. It was about remembering the twenty minute encounter one had with his lover, for a lifetime... or about how one valued a flower more than a diamond ring...

The following songs are a dedication to Rabindranath Tagore's beautiful thoughts. Not all his words can be literally understood. They are abstract and open to healthy interpretation.

His words are indeed profound and might just rekindle the nostalgia and warmth which love brings...

"Chokher Aloy" (the Light of the Eye) - Translation:

"Tumi Robe Nirobe" - Translation:

© 2018 Rohini Chandra,

psssttt!! Here's a little BTS moment below

(ah, yes I love wearing pjs while recording!!)

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