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New Single! "Look at the Stars"

Escape with me to the stars!

Here's a new single I wrote, produced, & sang called "Look at the Stars." My name, Rohini, btw, is coincidentally the name of a Star! 🤩😎.

This single is officially on all music streaming platforms! Listen to my latest pop ambient single at the link in my bio or here:

My songwriting journey started a few years ago and it’s been a fascinating and dynamic process! This song was especially inspired by my stargazing memories. Whenever I need to see the big picture, I look up to the stars and feel that rush of awe and wonder.

Seeing stars alongside a ridge of mountains at night especially excites me about the grand universe we live in and our divine place in it. There is obviously no definite answer for how a sparkling canvas of stars came to hover over us. Maybe stars exist to remind us that we don’t always need to have immediate answers to life’s biggest questions and in our relationships. In fact, if we had all the answers, life would not be so interesting then, would it?

Enjoy! 🌟⚡🌜🌛🌙

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