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It's"Putlibhai," Our Overprotective Bollywood Mother

I got an awesome chance to play "Putlibhai," the mother of Mohandas, in the ancient Hindu city of Vrindavan. Her son has ran away to follow his Hindu idol, "Krishna-" who enlightens by playing pranks on the villagers. This reminds them to enjoy life and to fulfill their "Dharma" or duty.

Putlibhai is unfortunately a frantic, overprotective mother, who symbolizes the rules and conventions of the village. I loved playing her because she is loud-mouthed, sassy, and slightly over-the-top when she gets a chance.

The event showcasing the play was organized by Broken Barriers Productions for Veterans Day, to celebrate the diversity of cultures in America. Our play was co-written, produced, and also performed by Kanika Lal. Additional cast includes Dancer/ Actor Shivani Thakkar, Actor Raja Bannerjee, and Filmmaker/Actor Arnav Jain.

Diversity Rocks!

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