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Meet Our Friends

Photo essay.

I was walking down a long road in the Antelope Valley on a summery day, past a rundown shack, the desert hills, and the green brush. Along the way, I ran into our neighbors at the local barn or Farm Sanctuary.

Meet Mr. Cow, the most adorable pigs, and our fellow sheep. They knock heads for hay and take long naps. Yes, this is how their day goes. These animals deserve the utmost peace after the abuse they endured in slaughterhouses before being rescued. They have a new life in a new barn, which they now call a safe home.

How awesome it would be to see the world through these animals' eyes. We could use this kind of lifestyle once in a while in between the road rage on Highway 14 and rushing for a 10 minute break during the warehouse 9 to 5. Living like animals doesn't necessarily mean we have to compete as Darwin's concept of Survival of the Fittest suggests. Animals live simply. They look content while wagging their tails and ears.

This got me thinking even more. With all common sense, how can we actually eat these guys??? Just look at them! It hurts for me to stomp on a cockroach in Socal, let alone a spider... (not to compare creepy creatures to beautiful mammals haha). It's unnerving to kill any life, big or small, or to even to pull a leaf off of a tree- it must truly pinch!

This is why the road sign I saw on my way towards the farm says "No Passing Zone..." The sign prevents cars from overtaking others... In a more thoughtful sense, the sign is a message that that it is a less ideal path for the common human to follow. It's the direct path to peace and happiness- it is so simple, but so hard to take.

I have already decided to cross into this zone.

I am starting to love animals more and to live more like them.

Here's to motivating more people to join me on this road :)

© 2018 Rohini Chandra,

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