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Lost in the Sierra... Spoken Word / Poem

An Ode to Spiritual love…

Lost in the Sierra...

By Rohini Chandra

Took out my Harley

To get lost in the desert.

With no map, no compass.

Just hear the wind’s whisper.

Losing myself through

snaky valleys between

mammoth shadows hulking

around in sierra glory.

Crackles of sunburst jolt

Through hovering cotton balls

Of Whipped cream in the sky

Over rolls of unfolding hills.

How can I lose myself

Through this vast stillness?

Uncertainty is my shelter

Follow crevices, be aimless.

So I took a turn on a dime.

Missed my rich-fast chance

Plans didn’t go as planned

But I let the pangs dance.

Fire in my stomach,

But the fall breeze

Cooled my head, and

caressed my heart gently .

I let go, first, threw

My watch, crushed time.

Dating myself in the Sierra

Trespassing deadlines.

I crossed into barbed soul.

Found love buried in truth,

I dug to bare it more.

That’s when I found you.

Love has no clock

It has no clear direction

It’s a beautiful surprise

Without expectation.

Tears of long patience

Put me on my knees.

The more I dug myself,

More of you revealed me.

Your reflection shattered

my veneer, my shame

Lay light on my values

Your Strength quenched my pain.

I’m living in this moment

Letting my search cease,

For finding love is drinking

Sierra’s reward in peace.

© 2018 All rights reserved. Spoken Word / Poem Performed & Written By

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