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What's Cooking in Mom's Kitchen?

I grew up eating with my hands. In fact, I hardly know my table manners when it comes to having a meal. We eat without hesitation.

This past Sunday, my mom took out her rustic pots and pans in order to cook a warm meal for her family.

She is an artist when it comes to cooking authentic Bengali cuisine- she makes food with absolute calmness, care, and love. The kitchen is where her craft with ingredients shines. To add, the recipes come from her memory and heart, not a cookbook.

In case you did not know, Bengali culture hails from the northeastern side of India and Bangladesh. My family is from a city called, "Calcutta" or "Kolkata" in India. Every bite of this region's cuisine has such sharp, prominent, and deep flavors from ingredients like mustard seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, ghee, chilis, coconut and more!

Check out this video of my mom making “Luchi” or the Bengali word for the fried Indian flat bread.

If only you could have a real bite! It is too good!

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Myla Reid
Myla Reid
27 de set. de 2021

Helloo nice blog

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