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Dr. Bombastic's Formulas for Happiness - a Silly Webinar Series Created by Rohini

What happens when, Rohini, an actor and singer who should be on set and in a studio, has to find a way to unleash her creativity during the lockdown?

The result is her creation of an absolute make-believe character, a mad scientist named Dr. Bombastic, whom she acts as and also self-directs in her bedroom. Dr. Bombastic is imported from an Island who tries to take on the world challenge of ending “Unhappiness,” in a “webinar series.” It is a completely crazy spin on the overwhelming number of free webinars advertised on social media during this time. And they always end on a signature sales pitch for customers to buy a masterclass! While everyone is busy buying “stuff” and investing in “knowledge” and augmenting their “skills,” I ask, has anyone thought to invest in becoming more positive? It is indeed something few gurus, mystics, celebrities, coaches, and politicians today can really answer. Maybe this class is a glimmer of truth into how finding happiness must become a priority during a rather so dark time. A smile and laugh can work miracles.

During this “webinar series,” please enter my imaginary world full of settings and Dr. Bombastic’s backstory including a “Special Lady Friend” and “Mother from the Island.” This will appeal to the #KidAtHeart​ in each of us and maybe to some serious adults too 😉. And it was made because I truly had nothing else to do…

Please note that this protagonist is not your normal superhero with muscles. Though he is indeed the epitome of buffoonery, he is out to achieve a special purpose. Dr. Bombastic may seem to be on a quest to make trouble, but he is too innocent and endearing, in a way, to be a villain.

Over the course of this “webinar,” Dr. Bombastic shares his experiences and explores a range of ways to find happiness including practicing gratitude, saying “I love you” more often, becoming more prosperous by loving yourself more, connecting with nature and a high frequency, finding an outlet in dirty dancing, and telling us that it is okay to fail.

Here’s a set of Dr. Bombastic’s characteristics, which we will have to find a way to forgive:

• He has a makeshift laboratory, which is a bit untidy, but this will have to do for now.

• He has a funky accent from an island and loves to vent and rant in “Island” talk.

• He believes adding “foolishness,” I mean, “happiness” to the world is the resolution for 2021 and for years to come after.

• He loves to nourish himself with coconut smoothies given the abundance of coconuts on his island.

• His behavior is slightly questionable given his lack of dating life on the Island.

• He does confuse a webinar with an episode and treats his class as a tv show. Let’s cut him a break, shall we?

So, are you ready for a silliness overload? Brace yourself for 1-minute lessons packed with Bombastic wisdom and positivity! Is there an award for ridiculousness? Because this mad scientist deserves one!

On a final note, I give you absolute permission to make fun of this character. What originally starts as a class may end up being a big party on your digital screen. And while the world falls apart, we will answer if there is any meaning behind Dr. Bombastic’s mustache and if his silly formulas hold any truth. We will also learn if having great mental health has much to do with letting go and living life…

I hope you enjoy this webinar and will shower Dr. Bombastic with your love by spreading his message with your friends and family.


Rohini Chandra

Founder & Creator of this Incredibly Silly Webinar Series

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Music credits:

"Give it Away" – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

"The Bare Necessities" – The Jungle Book

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