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A Quarantine Short Film by Your's Truly!

This was a completely spontaneous Quarantine film I made for the #CurbsideShortsFilmChallenge. I attempt to answer life’s biggest question in this one lol :P Should I stay home or venture out freely? Watch me also appreciate and explore the silence and stillness in my home all while discovering more of who I am... And yes, it involves a monkey, a mustache, a mask, and much more! Enjoy and spread the light and humor through this mini-adventure!

Here's the 3 minute short film:

Sharing Some Stills from the project:

Thank you to the following people and groups:

** Audience Awards, IMDbPro, ReFrame Project, and Women In Film Los Angeles at the #CurbsideShortsFilmChallenge board for encouraging us to create during the quarantine and for taking me back to high school when we used to make movies for class projects ** Ted Sung for sharing news about this contest and inspiring me to create a short film in just 2 days! (yes! it's possible!)

** Virginie Drouot and Sonali Chandra for your creative contributions

** Chris Haugen for your amazing music

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