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Rohini is a free-spirited artist and traveler at heart. She first grew an imagination from her adventures (of Tin Tin) in her green backyard and 1st generation exposure to music, books, and movies in her hometown of New Jersey during her childhood. Since then, she has been acting in film and singing on-stage and in the studio with American, Indian, and global appeal.   


Rohini acts in both commercial and theatrical projects while enjoying dramatic, character, and improv acting. Rohini's talent and skill comes from her natural gift for expressing a range of emotion, ongoing training, and of course, her on-set experience. Email Rohini for her rates and to request her resume.


Discover Rohini’s musical style as a singer-songwriter with powerhouse, soulfully rich, & spirited or passionate, and yet cool & soft vocals from the heart. She creates music with influences from Indian, American & World genres and from applying her understanding of sound in her Eastern & Western vocal training. She calls it #SoulFusion, a unique harmonization of the different influences in her 1st gen life! While creating "fusion from the confusion," Rohini is also open to fresh experiences with a special knack for writing lyrics & a melody and sharing her ideas on catchy or hip sound from the perspective of a producer. She’s excited to bring a new wave of sound or awakening to her audience on stage and on a platform near you!

Rohini has a vision and love for the craft of new, edgy, cinematic, classic, and memorable storytelling and intends to make a project memorable. She studied soft skills and Political Science and therefore embraces entertainment, which embodies cultural, spiritual, & social impact or which celebrates the human spirit! Enjoy her recent behind-the-scenes and don't forget to support her on Youtube, FB, IG, Spotify.


​Rohini's content has received thousands of views and listens online and has been recognized by magazines including Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, LiveWire, Travel & Leisure, India Currents, Obvious, & the Travel Magazine. She has also received accolades/ awards for her short films, travel documentary, and monologue series from well-known film festivals across the world in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Calcutta, and Mumbai, India.

Some Testimonials:​

  “Rohini is a very talented multi-dimensional artist, a Professional. She was executing her own vision            

        effortlessly which was remarkable.

           ”- Reknowned Actress

“Rohini not only a phenomenal artist, but also a great person and a joy to work with.”

            - Film & Music Composer 

“Rohini has a genuine enthusiasm for each of the subjects in her productions…she is always creating.”

            - Fellow Actor

Are you excited to work with this shooting star on your next project? 

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