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Rohini is a free-spirited artist & traveler at heart. She first grew an imagination from music, books, movies, & the adventures (of Tin Tin) in her green backyard. Since then, she has been expressing through the performing arts in film, stage, & music.


Rohini acts in both commercial and theatrical projects. She enjoys dramatic, character, and improv acting with a natural gift for displaying a range of expression & emotion. Email Rohini to request her resume.


Discover her musical style as a singer-songwriter with powerhouse, soulfully rich, & passionate, and yet cool & soft vocals. She creates fusion music with Indian, American & World influences. Rohini has a special knack for writing lyrics & a melody and sharing her ideas on hip sound from the perspective of a producer.

In addition to acting and singing, Rohini has a vision and love for the craft of classic & cinematic storytelling in movies, photography, & writing. She's studied soft skills, politics, & social issues and therefore embraces the human spirit in storytelling even more!


Enjoy her latest behind the scenes at her blog & don't forget to subscribe to her YOUTUBE channel for cool videos and sound. 


Rohini's work has been recognized by magazines including Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, LiveWireTravel & LeisureIndia Currents, Obvious, & the Travel Magazine. She has also received accolades from well-known film festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Calcutta, and Mumbai, India.

Some Testimonials:

 💫 “Rohini is a very talented multi-dimensional artist… She was executing her own vision effortlessly which was remarkable.”- Reknowned Actress


 💫 “Rohini not only a phenomenal artist, but also a great person and a joy to work with.” - Film & Music Composer 


 💫 “Rohini has a genuine enthusiasm for each of the subjects in her productions…she is always creating.” - Fellow Actor

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