Rohini loves to express and tell stories in creative ways. She first grew an imagination from music, books, movies, & the adventures (of Tin Tin) in her green backyard. Through her own adventures over time, she has developed these cool abilities:

Performing Arts:

  • Commercial, Drama/ Theatre, & Film

  • A great knack for Improv & Comedy

  • Soul-fusion/ Indo-Western Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

  • Songwriting – love lyrics & melody (looking for a great accompanyist)


Empowered Communication:

  • Public Speaking & Presentation

  • Fun Teaching & Motivational Coaching

  • Client Communication & Soft Skills

A Love for the Behind the Scenes / Creative Production:

  • Directing Actors & Short Films

  • DSLR & iPhone Video Shooting including framing & composition, lighting, recording, and FCPX editing

  • Artistic, Portrait, & Nature Photography

  • Creative Writing including Short Story & Spoken Word   

Rohini shares a passion for doing meaningful work whether it's for a social or cultural cause or a project with a great purpose! She looks forward to performing and doing non-profit/ philanthropic work and creative production.

For more details on her background:

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