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Rohini is a free-spirited artist, storyteller, & traveler at heart. She first grew an imagination from music, books, movies, & the adventures (of Tin Tin) in her green backyard. Since then, she has been expressing through the performing arts in film, stage, & music.


Her acting abilities include commercial, improv, dramatic, & character. Check her resume out HERE & headshots & looks HERE.


Discover her singing style with soul-fusion & Indo-Western vocals. She has a special knack for writing lyrics & a melody.

In addition to acting and singing, Rohini shares a deep love for the craft of storytelling in cinema, photography, & writing. Enjoy her latest behind the scenes at her blog & don't forget to subscribe to her YOUTUBE channel for cool videos and sound. 


Rohini's work has been recognized by magazines including Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, LiveWireTravel & LeisureIndia Currents, Obvious, & the Travel Magazine. She has also received accolades from well-known film festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Calcutta, and Mumbai, India.

Some Testimonials:

 💫 “Rohini is a very talented multi-dimensional artist… She was executing her own vision effortlessly which was remarkable.”- Reknowned Actress


 💫 “Rohini not only a phenomenal artist, but also a great person and a joy to work with.” - Film & Music Composer 


 💫 “Rohini has a genuine enthusiasm for each of the subjects in her productions…she is always creating.” - Fellow Actor

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Haji Ali
Indian Independence Day
Indian Independence
Durga Pandal
Durga Puja, Kolkata
Durga Puja, Kolkata
Durga Puja, Kolkata
Fruit vendor
garbage dump
cutting fish
Mumbai chaiwalla
caught you!
monsoon rains
Kolkata Train
reading, muster zone, Freehold, NJ
caught you squirrel!
dogs just like humans
beautiful bird
burden of snow on leaves
Santa in NYC
soft pedals
beach waves
flowers, pedals
seagull silhouette
beach silhouette
thick waves
bw moment
fading bw moment
corporate dance
corporate expressions
corporate expressions
pool break
do not mess
Brooklyn Bridge
buying jewelry
Statue of Liberty
Sunset, statue of liberty
NYC from Governor's Island
Dumbo BW
Dumbo streaks BW
Dumbo BW
Dumbo BW
NYC Skyline
Long Exposure, NYC fireworks 7/4
Fireworks, art
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